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Specialists in Car Audio Upgrades Worthing, West Sussex

Bored of your vehicle's sound system? Looking for a better sound? You may need a high-end sound quality system delivering audiophile quality reproduction or a street bass system, we have won many awards over the years for upgrading car audio systems. We specialise in upgrading factory fitted systems in BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, Ford, Vauxhall as well as Motorhomes, camper vans and commercial vehicles from our workshop in Worthing, West Sussex. We can also design something completely bespoke based on your requirements. Visit our competition cars page for examples of our work.

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We are Car Audio Upgrades Specialists Worthing, Shoreham, Brighton, Sussex
VAG 2-way VW Audi car audio upgrade

Plug and Play Volkswagen 2-way speaker system upgrade

Suitable for VW Golf MK6, Volkswagen Bora, Volkwagen Jetta, VW Polo

Our Volkswagen entry level speaker upgrade comprises of the FOCAL 2-Way 'Plug and Play' Component Speaker System. Easy to install, thanks to original Volkswagen® connector, integrated crossover and and Volkswagen® standard ABS molded basket, both 6,5'' (16,5cm) speakers are equipped with Fiberglass cones that provide a neutral sound, without coloration. For the installation we add Stinger Road Kill sound deadening to ensure optimal performance and minimise unwanted resonance.

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VAG 3-way VW car T5 audio upgrade

Custom Fit Volkswagen 2-way speaker system upgrade

Suitable for VW Golf, Volkswagen Polo, VW Tiguan, VW Touran, VW Transporter T5 + T6

Our custom fit 2-way speaker upgrade for Volkswagen can be installed as an OEM upgrade or with aftermarket headunits. This system features hand crafted speaker mounting baffles to ensure solid speaker driver mounting, which are bolted to the vehicle to eliminate movement and vibration. Further treatment to reduce unwanted panel vibration and to reduce external road noise is provided by applying Stinger Road Kill sound deadening. Installation includes hand cut Stinger copper speaker cable throughout. Installation Time approx 5-6 hours

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Intermediate level VAG VW audio system upgrade

Intermediate Level VAG audio system upgrade

Once the entry level system upgrade has been performed, our intermediate upgrade will take your audio system to a whole new Level. This system add-on consists of Audison Prima AP4D Amplifier and Audison Prima 8” Loaded Reflex Subwoofer. This system will add the dynamics and attack, missing from an entry level car audio system by boosting the power to the front speakers, and restoring the lower frequencies of sound that cannot be reproduced by normal speakers. Installation includes hand cut Audison Connections Cabling throughout.

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Expert level VAG audio upgrade

Advanced/Expert Level VAG audio system upgrade

We offer a FREE planning and consultation service for our customers who demand the best from their in-car entertainment system.

During our meeting, we will obtain a good understanding of your music taste and how you expect your audio to system to sound once installed. We will help you to understand the function and benefits of certain elements of your system and explain how they will integrate into your vehicle. When we fully understand your demands, and with our years of knowledge and experience, we can then plan a tailor-made audio system comprising of individually selected products from a plethora of sources, for your Volkswagen or Audi.

To take advantage of our free planning service please call us on 01903 238 119 to make an appointment and we can help you take your first steps towards your perfect audio entertainment system. See examples of our work.