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Dash Cameras supplied and fitted in Worthing, West Sussex

Dash Cameras provide motorists with peace of mind whilst driving, knowing that their vehicle is protected whilst on the road. We have a wealth of knowledge supplying and fitting Dash Cameras, Dash Cams or Witness Cameras to all types of vehicles. They have proven to help motorists save money by being a silent witness in incidents such as vehicle accidents, hit and runs, theft and much more.

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Installers of Dash Cameras, Dash Cams Worthing, Shoreham, Brighton, Sussex
Front dash cams worthing, sussex

Front Dash Cams

Suitable for all types of vehicle

These dash cam will record the high quality footage day or night, and can be packed full of advanced features such as built-in-GPS, Speed Camera Database, Advanced Parking Mode, Timelapse mode and Energy Saving Mode to keep you protected longer.

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Front and rear dash cams worthing, sussex

Front and Rear Dash Cams

Suitable for vehicles with glass rear windows

These systems provide both front and rear footage, which can be especially useful in providing evidence for rear damaged when the vehicle is left unattended.

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Commercial vehicle dash cams worthing, sussex

Commercial Vehicle Dash Cams

Supplied with an external rear camera, suitable for vehicles without rear windows

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Front and external rear camera with mirror monitor worthing, sussex

Front and External Rear Camera with Mirror Monitor

Suitable for commercial vehicles and campervans

Front and rear dashcams with mirror monitor for use as rear view mirror.

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