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The purpose of a car audio amplifier is to take a low-level signal from the unit (head unit, radio, etc.) and change it into a high-level signal for driving the speakers.

As a result, more power to the cars speakers will result in music being produced with much improved control, definition, clarity and in most cases, the system will be able to reproduce music louder.

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Stockists of Audison, Alpine, Mosconi, JL Audio, Rainbow and Hertz Car Audio Amplifiers Worthing, Brighton, West Sussex


There are so many different sizes and options when it comes to choosing speakers, and it is very easy to get confused as to which speakers will be right for your vehicle. At Highdown Car Audio, we can help you to make the right choice for your car or van. We have speakers from all the top manufacturers in our store and have demonstration cars that you can actually listen to.

Therefore, we are not like internet retailers, we are not interested in selling boxes of shiny speakers, we want our customers to feel the passion and joy of listening to great music.

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Morel, Rainbow, Audison, Alpine, Hertz Car Audio Speakers Worthing West Sussex


Subwoofers when installed correctly, and set up professionally are the best way of improving the audio system in a car or van. A well set up subwoofer will add the harmonics and low end frequency response that cannot physically be reproduced with a standard car audio loudspeaker. If you are not sure of how to set up your subwoofer, don’t panic! We have won hundreds of awards for setting up car audio systems, to produce life-like sound quality, where the car audio system will be able to re-create the sound of a Bass Guitar, Kick Drum or Double Bass, and not just a loud BOOM.

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Worthing West Sussex stockists of Audison, Alpine, Cerwin Vega, JL Audio, Hertz Car Audio Subwoofers

Dash Cameras

Dash Cameras, Dash Cams or Witness Cameras have proven to help motorists save money by being a silent witness in incidents such as vehicle accidents, hit and runs, theft and much more. Dash Cameras provide the driver with peace of mind knowing that their car, van or motorcycle is protected whilst on the road.

We have a wealth of experience supplying and fitting Dash Cameras to all makes and models of vehicle.

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Dash Cameras, Dash Cams, Witness Cameras Worthing West Sussex

Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

Apple CarPlay & Android Auto are in-car systems allowing the motorist to access features on their mobile phone, by accessing it through the vehicles infotainment system or mobile phone display.

Functionality such as a choice of navigation apps including Waze, Google Maps and Apple Maps, accessing music and having text messages read out, can all be controlled through voice commands making it convenience and safe, without touching your mobile phone.

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Other Products

We can supply and install many different makes and models, so please contact us for our expert advice.

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